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Peak State

by Hacienda Gardeners

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Peak State 02:58
I can’t believe everyone turned their backs on me All the people that I trusted couldn’t accept Who I've become and who I wanna be They’re all wannabes It’s such a tragedy They’ve got such bad energy They need to look in the mirror and get therapy And fix all the things that are holding them back from living their lives They spent so much time gossiping it’s not right All they wanna do is fight and turn off the light so they're out of sight They love the darkness and they want to see me fail They’re lost in confusion and living in hell and they believe their delusions and think they're so swell deep down inside they know they’re off the rails I’m trying to reach that peak state but its getting hard cause of all the people Trying to drag me down Right back down to the ground I’m trying to get to the top but its kinda hard cause of all the haters pulling me down and now its time for another round They want me to quit so they can say “See I told you so. He was nothing” I wont stop fighting back For years I’ve been under attack I’m taking no flack They hid their disguise so carefully So i couldn't see what was happening Behind my back while they slandered me Trying to make me look bad Misery loves company
The Summit 02:23
When I looked in the mirror I used to feel so much fear Hated myself I didn’t wanna be here Everyone said I’d be a failure Trying to steal all of my power All of the years I spent feeling so low Wasting time and crying tears of sorrow No hope for tomorrow and feeling sad everyday No self esteem I had nothing to say And I feel like I can't step down Everyone keeps telling me to turn around And give up the fight I’ve been up all night Trying to reach the top I’m not afraid of heights I’ve almost reached the summit They all want me to fall down and just quit So they keep talking about me Behind my back where I can’t see so I can’t succeed I’m almost at the summit I can hear all my enemies running They’ve all gossiped and mentioned my name Put me to shame and caused me so much distain My reputation is what they want to destroy They don’t care what they do to my life They just want me to throw in the towel To give up so they keep going around and lying on me. They get off on being a fake friend They camouflage and try to blend in With the rest of society They’ve got no empathy For anyone They’re so selfish They are fake friends and narcissists
I’m higher than the clouds and I’m looking down at everything that surrounds me and all of the people climbing up and all of those that wanted to stop they couldnt make it to the top they wanted to break me down a lot they tried everything that they could thank God I understood what they were doing to me I didn’t let it stop me and now I’m higher than the sun up in the clouds They’ve all been shunned they’re hating on other people now trying their hardest to drag them down it’s unfortunante how they choose to live I’ve given all ive got to give. when I was climbing up I witnessed other people that chose to give in they quit and threw in the towel some others kept on going and didn’t allow the enemy to stop them they ignored all of their comments and kept on marching forth they pressed on because they wanted more I cant believe the atrocities all the things they said to me told me i’d never be anything that I was worthless and that I was wasting all my time and wasting my life that I would end up failing and regretting it all they wanted to watch me fall
Right now I am alone In the dark It’s so cold I am out in snow and I wanna know If anyone cares at all I can’t stand tall I am on the ground Curled up in a ball In the fetal position Beat into submission I was on a mission But now I'm down Couldn’t make it that far I was stuck in the tar and I’m climbing out of the devil’s car
Captivity 03:07
Staring at the road in front of me I can’t see the end It’s my destiny I’ll keep moving forward and moving ahead I wont look back I wont turn my head It’s been 8 long years since I was ok I threw it away and I watched it fade To black and I couldn’t wait To get away cause I could not stay. Stuck in that place I was so lost such a disgrace I paid the cost The end was near but now I’m free from that captivity Those four walls Trapping me Stuck inside I could not see I was so tired of living there With so much fear crying so many tears I got on my skateboard and skated down the street Out of that vicinity where I felt so numb from all the pain and all the shame surrounding me i hopped in my car and drove real far away from the bay and to my dismay I had to go back for a short while I could not smile I was in exile
First Base 01:58
I didn’t lose hope I didn’t pout or mope With all my problems I did my best to cope and make the best of a bad situation This new sensation ‘Aint feelin so dope and im on my way to first base running as fast as I can thought I lost the race I almost lost myself I was living in hell but now it’s ok I wont be afraid I was stuck in last for most of my life I didn't stop I shined my light on the darkness surrounding me my enemy didn’t want me to be free now I’m out about walking around I’m gonna shout and laugh out loud and they talk about me but I cant hear that’s ok cause they’re living in fear
Worlds Apart 02:38
We’re worlds apart and they’re on a different level than me they couldn’t start their journey they've got no empathy they’re all sharks and it’s sad they cannot see they didn't make it far they’re on a different frequency and now they’re missing in action they couldn’t make it up the hill they lost traction didn’t have good morals instilled they hate on everyone else they are so lost in the dark they chose to ring the bell they quit cause it was too hard


released September 24, 2022

Nate Pizano - vocals, guitar, bass, synths, programming, artwork, lyrics

Composed, Arranged, and Produced by Nate Pizano


all rights reserved



Hacienda Gardeners San Jose, California

Hacienda Gardeners is an American experimental rock band from San Jose, California

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